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Package Tracking

Support sustainability initiatives, reduce labor hours, minimize paper usage, and improve delivery times.


Maintain Chain of Custody

Scan SqBx assigns communication rules and events to happen behind the scenes, giving you visibility and control from anywhere. Our SaaS can help you improve workflows, identify bottlenecks and maintain a chain of custody of packages, processes, vehicles, and much more.


Route & Schedule Packages

Schedule events and messages to automate processes and save time. Keep your operations secure with cloud-based storage. Our software can route the package based on the recipient’s location. It can be set up to send out an automatic email and/or text that you can customize to the recipient.


Easy delivery with multiple options

Concrete chain of custody ends with proof of delivery. The new standard is Contactless Delivery with photo capture of the delivered item. Some organizations use electronic signature, while others deliver to barcoded locations for delivery confirmation. Delivery to secure lockers offers another option. ID scanning for proof of delivery is also available. Chose the recipient location and delivery all of the items with one click. Have our SQBX team show you all of the many delivery options.


Information Capture

Each and every movement of an item is automatically documented and archived. Benchmark of the industry, virtually unlimited reporting with customizable templates in PDF and Excel. SQBX offers SLA reports and delivery performance capture with delta statistics. Manifests, Interoffice data capture, Expected Incoming Package data are also available.