We are the preferred college receiving and mail center solution

SqBx education industry benchmarks as the easiest solution to use across central receiving and mail rooms across campuses and student housing. Let SqBx take out the paper pick-up slips used in student mailboxes. Want automated notices for pick up but don’t want to send an email the minute you scan in a package? No problem, SqBx lets you send out email and text message reminders with our scheduling system. You can send time delayed notifications and you can even daisy chain them: 1st notice, 2nd notice, final notice, etc. Put your package pick-up notices on autopilot with the Power of SqBx. Do you need to send a different message to faculty and staff members than you would a student? SqBx can create multiple types of emails geared specifically towards students, staff, and faculty.

SqBx education industry is the easiest solution to use across central receiving and mail rooms across campuses and student housing

In addition to package tracking we have found that many campuses need help tracking assets, materials, time sensitive documents, just to name a few. SqBx can help your campus by tracking print/copy centers, facilities, equipment and IT tracking, gas cylinders, inventory, vehicles, assets and much more.

Campus Visibility

Be in the know when it comes to parcel mail, packages or time sensitive documents you’re waiting to receive. SqBx introduces portals where administrators can give access to staff, faculty and even students so they may view and track items. SqBx software is encrypted and secure so only those with access can view their pending deliveries.

Maintenance Free

Our software never needs physical downloads and is always up-to-date with the latest integration’s and improvement. Our support team never changes – they understand customer service and provide an unparalleled and unique experience. SqBx is there every step of the way from its equipment, its cloud-based software, and support team, you’ll know you made the right choice.