Government and Finance

Generate real-time reports and analytics at the click of a button

SqBx provides the essential tools to measure key indicators through its tracking system by driving and storing data insight in the cloud to manage daily, weekly, and monthly operations.

Benchmark security during transmission and storage with unlimited, live remote in support to maximize efficiency and accuracy.


Forecast and manage operations by keeping tabs on key performance indicators, service levels goals, delta reporting, ad hoc reporting, and more. Create custom reports and export them onto an excel, .csv, or PDF report.

Interoffice Capacity

SqBx lets users facilitate communication between all internal delivery teams. This ensures everyone knows where and when items have to be picked up and by whom.

Data Encrypted

All data stored on mobile devices are encrypted for safety measures. SqBx ensures this security protocol at all stages of tracking, both in transit and at rest.

Unlimited Users

Grant access permissions to as many team members as needed. Sqbx offers various levels of user permissions such as view only, receive and deliver, manager, administrator and global view.