Improve performance and business operations while building lasting relationships

Drive performance and business operations and exceed guest expectations. SqBx helps boost to an unparalleled customer experience by ensuring accountability throughout events, conferences, and more. Notify employee staff and guests with custom alerts.

SqBx understands that the hospitality is more than just providing a service but creating an experience. By introducing our user-friendly and agile tracking software, you have the ability to go above and beyond your competition by focusing on building experiences rather than micromanaging your internal operations. With our cloud-based software you can ensure a chain of custody for packages and proof of delivery.

Customer Experience

Staff members have the opportunity to easily and quickly locate, retrieve, or add additional instructions to any package and materials.

Chain of Custody

Track contents or tie multiple packages and materials under one bar code. It ensures everything is moved and tracked together.

Attaching Media

Capture and attach images, notes, or documents to any record along the way of delivery to reduce organizational liability.

Real-Time Alerts

Add alerts to notify your staff when high priority items arrive. Packages have the ability to notify staff about special handing instructions.

Proof of Delivery

Have the convenience of notifying recipients and staff members when packages have been delivered or transferred between departments.

Generate Revenue

Easily charge for guest package handling based on weight and size. Avoid overspending when shipping packages.