Large Organizations

Enterprise grade solution to connect unlimited receiving areas, recipients and business rules

With the ability to consolidate and organize inbound item data from multiple receiving areas, SQBX will positively impact your operations in a large campus or with multiple locations or both. Purchase order receiving and interoffice tracking offer the notifications, communication and automatic business processing that you need to be the most efficient. Virtually unlimited reporting, customizable SLA (Service Level Agreement) reports and flexible, automatic updates will provide valuable insight into your receiving and interoffice operations.

Internal Delivery Management

Increase visibility of internal packages and items. Reduce your staffs time and redundant processes. Create communication rules. Improve your companies KPI’s. Report against any status, event, or user. Collect a electronic signature upon delivery.

Purchase Order Data Exchange

Exchange data with ERP/MMIS systems. Streamline receiving and delivery of packages. Receive, reconcile PO’s, route and deliver with one application. Mobilize deliveries with electronic signature. Eliminate redundant staging and reduce package touch points..

3rd Party Asset Tracking

Process improvement measure. Set events based on asset life cycle. Set time limits on events and create communication

Gas Cylinder Tracking

Minimize erroneous bills. Mobile delivery and pick-up option. Track inflow and outflow of cylinders to your facility. Report cylinders location via department, count cylinders in storage areas, and increase staff and vendor accountability..