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Integrated Delivery Management

Integrated Delivery Management


Integrated Delivery Management

The Allocadence platform is Built for all Aspects of the Warehousing-to-Delivery Work Flow, without any expensive custom integrations or manual workarounds required.

Online Supply Catalog

Provide an employee order portal for viewing the catalog, submitting orders electronically, and tracking their status. No more emails, faxes, or paper requisition forms.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Submitted orders are automatically transmitted into the fulfillment queue for the warehouse based on rules. Since stock is managed within the same system, stock counts are updated automatically as orders are fulfilled and delivered.


Deliver with your own personnel and capture an electronic signature using a mobile device, the same way global shipping giants do. Allocadence embeds industry-leading SqBx technology for efficient routing, chain of custody, and proof of delivery.

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