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Why Choose GPS Software Solutions?

Global Parcel Service LLC was established in 2005 and has been providing software services since inception. We are best known for offering the web based package and delivery management solution called SqBx Tracking. SqBx has the ability to prove deliveries, track package history and manage fixed assets. Additional offerings include inventory management solutions and mobile software and hardware that pair with our offerings.

Our structure and vision is customer centric and our culture includes: strong customer focus, business ethics, and employee empowerment. All of our software offerings incorporate a variety of customer requested features. We believe in continuous improvement and strive for the best possible customer experience with our sales as well as the development, implementation, training and support.

User Experience

We provide best practices to your organization regarding operations between mail rooms, central receiving areas, and other receiving and delivery areas.


We develop custom web-based applications with cloud storage that is created to automate your package handling and tracking process.

User Settings

Grant various permission levels to employees and staff based on their organizational role. Set up automatic statuses and alerts via email and text notifications.

Read more about what GPS does in this brochure