Process Tracking, Chain of Custody, and Proof of Delivery Solutions

Process Tracking

Process Tracking

Important processes require accurate logging. For example, the movement of an item through a process might include time stamping, the processor’s name, and the disposition of the item being tracked. Information logged often should be archived for further historical reporting. SqBx let’s you define custom processes with custom business rules that can be applied to a process or an individual disposition of an item.

Typically we find SqBx in warehouse receiving operations or mailrooms where important packages are scanned into our software for further processing and delivery. Rules may be applied to how a package is handled or routed. Although this is a typical application of SqBx, any process that requires logging of the movement or disposition of an item can be tracked within our software. Along with manual and scanned input, SqBx can add images to document the items disposition throughout the process.

SqBx process tracking is highly configurable:

  • Select and define the input fields to match your processes
  • Define a custom work flow
  • Associate the next action to be applied automatically to any disposition
  • Act on any field input with field functions

Chain of Custody

When an item is moving through a process generally it’s important to associate who handled the item during processing. SqBx automatically logs who processed and the time processed for each change of the status of an item. From initial processing to final disposition, SqBx can report on who was responsible for each movement of the item.

Recording the chain of custody is easy

  • SqBx automatically time stamps each transaction
  • The user moving the item through the process is automatically recorded
  • Limit what transactions certain users can perform
  • A mobile app is available to record the item’s disposition
  • Communicate the status of an item with an email or text message
  • Report on any item’s history including what time and who transacted the item through its process
  • Report on any user’s complete transaction history

Proof Of Delivery or Final Disposition

Typically SqBx is used in package delivery scenarios where a definitive proof of delivery is required. Both contact delivery and contactless delivery are supported. Capture a signature at point of delivery or snap a photo of where the item was dropped off. Of course proof of delivery can be a final disposition of an item whether it’s a package of an item traveling through a process

Record the final disposition of an item by:

  • Snapping a photo of the item’s location or final disposition
  • Capturing a signature from someone taking possession of an item
  • Scanning with a desktop scanner or our mobile app
  • Communicate the final disposition with an email or text message


Industry Specific Solutions

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Education Process Tracking
Education Process And Student Mail Tracking
Healthcare Process Tracking
Healthcare Process Tracking
Government Process Tracking
Government agencies use SqBx to track operational processes
Hospitality Process Tracking
Hotels and resorts use SqBx to process guest and conference items.
Sports and Entertainment Process Tracking
Sports and entertainment organizations use SqBx to process inbound packages.

We’ve been expertly doing this for over a decade

For over a decade SqBx has lead the way with solutions for process tracking, delivery management, chain of custody, and proof of delivery. You can find our solutions in all types of organizations including education, healthcare, financial, and government organizations.

In Summary: Tracking, Chain of Custody, and Proof of Delivery

SqBx assigns communication rules and events to happen behind the scenes, giving you visibility and control from anywhere. SqBx can help you improve workflows, identify bottlenecks and maintain a chain of custody of packages, processes, vehicles, and much more. Our software can route an item based on the recipient’s location. It can be set up to send out an automatic email and/or text that you can customize to the recipient notifying them their package has arrived on the facility. Collect a signature and rest assured; each and every movement within the system is documented and saved for seven years within the safety of our servers.

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